Ethics and Sustainability

Recycled Silver

For all of my silver designs I use recycled silver where possible. There are a very small number of cases that I can’t find recycled silver for the particular product i need. I am working constantly to try and source alternatives that fit with my ethics.


Sea Glass

Sea Glass is wonderful! But it wasn’t always so wonderful. Sea glass is created by a bottle (beer, wine, perfume, medicine etc) being smashed in the sea. These pieces of glass are then washed (or baked as we call it) by the sea for sometimes 100s of years. The action of the waves and the salt water create the beautiful unique pieces I use for my jewellery.



We are committed to using plastic-free, recyclable or biodegradable packaging where possible. All the jewellery boxes are ECO-friendly jewellery box that is FSC®-certified. The glue, paper and cardboard used in the production of this jewellery box, are all 100% eco-friendly as well!

NEW for 2020

We have a few of the old jewellery boxes left but once they are finished we now have ECO friendly inserts made from FSC®-certified cardboard and the topcoat is made from viscose, which is a natural by-product from wood production.


My studio is powered by green energy this means that 100% of the energy I use is made from a renewable source including solar, wind and hydro.


Tree Planting

For each order placed we work with an organisation to plant trees around the world where they are most needed. Read more about our tree planting here.




2020 goals

They say if you write something down you are more likely to do it. They (who are ‘they’?) say if you tell someone your goals you are much more likely to do it…

So here are my 2020 goals:

  • To use the last of my plastic tape and source recyclable tape.
  • To work with our suppliers to become plastic free with products coming into the business as well as leaving the business.
  • To organise more beach cleans and community events that truly help our planet.

Feel free to ask me what i have done about these on December the 31st!